Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)

The evolving landscape of Management Liability Insurance

A recent uptick in the severity and frequency of Management Liability Insurance claims has resulted in some significant industry-wide changes to these policies. Many insurers are looking to increase premiums and deductibles, while restricting cover and limiting their exposures. Not only will these changes impact new policies, they are even being applied on renewal, altering cover that may have been in place for a significant length of time.

The most notable and business-critical change is insurance companies’ growing reluctance to include cover for securities claims, which is particularly important for start-up companies and those that require ongoing cash injections.

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Directors and Officers Insurance: Additional Endorsements

All Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O) policies contain a number of standard exclusions. These standard exclusions often vary from one insurer to the next, however, insurers may also include additional specific endorsements to a contract which can alter the cover provided by the standard policy.

It’s important for decision makers to carefully review any additional endorsements and resulting coverage alteration to the standard policy.

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Directors and Officers Liability: Limit Structure

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) policies are complex and can be confusing for any executive, even for those with an understanding of how this type of cover works. Determining how to structure the policy can be a difficult process, with many factors influencing decisions. The right limit to purchase is highly subjective and varies greatly from one board of directors to another.

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